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Gutter Cleaning dangers and risks
in South Africa

Cleaning your gutters can be a hazardous task and it is probably a good idea to leave it to the professionals

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gutter cleaning dangers

Falls account for one third of all construction related deaths in South Africa. Knowing this, one should think twice before getting on a roof and potentially injuring yourself. The dangers of gutter cleaning are not only roof related but also ladder related, including ladder misuse and slips.

Gutter cleaning on a roof

In South Africa most gutter cleaning companies make use the roof to clean gutters as this is the easiest way to navigate the gutters.

Potential dangers of cleaning gutters on a roof:

Slippage: When cleaning a gutter, one tends to work close to the edge of a roof, one misstep and you could see yourself hurtling face first to the ground.

Working with a hose: Often times when one is cleaning gutters a hose is used to spray hard to reach areas of the gutter. This unfortunately leads to some hidden dangers, once the hose is filled with water the hose becomes very heavy, potentially pulling you off the roof. Another danger is spraying water usually lands on the roof potentially making the roof slippery.

Gutter cleaning with a ladder:

Cleaning a gutter on the side with a ladder is potentially safer for unexperienced roofers, although it is much more time consuming and can really test your stamina.

Potential dangers of cleaning gutters with a ladder:

Slippage: If one is not careful it is easily possible to slip of the ladder and come falling down to potential injury, paralysis or death.

Ladder failing: An unsecured ladder is a potential death trap. A ladder that falls underneath you can cause some serious physical harm and likely death from very high roofs.

Make use of a gutter cleaning company

Fortunately, there is the option of hiring a gutter cleaning company whose workers have years of experience working on roofs and ladders and know the dangers and how to avoid them. Get in touch today for expert gutter cleaning on 072 765 8571 or email us at