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Gutter cleaning prices
in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of gutter maintenance, find out how much we charge to clean gutters.

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Gutter cleaning price list for 2017

Below are estimates for gutter cleaning, please note that we charge an extra R150 for gutter cleaning in Pretoria.

Length of gutter Price
Gutter Cleaning < 40M R750
Gutter Cleaning < 50M R900
Gutter Cleaning < 60M R1050
For gutter cleaning more than 60M Please get in touch for a quote

So, your gutters aren’t damaged and they don’t need to be replaced, if all your gutters need is a good cleaning then you haven’t let them deteriorate to a point where they would be costing you a lot of money.

When autumn comes around and the leaves start inhabiting your rain gutters and downpipes, it would be nearly impossible to keep them completely emptied out and cleared all the time but when they are thoroughly cleaned once a year they are much less likely to become blocked by the time the rains come and you are bombarded with leaking and overflowing gutters. The costs of cleaning your gutters will vary depending on the lenght of your gutters but we charge a stanard price for gutters less than 40 meters long.

To ensure that your gutters are in good shape you should have them cleaned annually. The cost of cleaning your gutters twice a year is worth it long-term.

How we charge for gutter cleaning