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Gutter installation prices
in Johannesburg and Pretoria

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Gutter installation price list for 2017

Below are estimates only, please get in touch for a final quotation. To determine the final gutter installation cost depends on the type of gutter, such as aluminium, PVC or copper gutters and roof that the gutters are being installed on.

Installation Type Price per meter
Gutter Installation R750
Downspout Installation R650
Downspout Installation (Double Story) R850

Office building, shop or home gutter installations costs can amount to quite a lot of money when the buildings don’t have any guttering installed yet as in the case of a brand-new building or a recently renovated one.

Most gutter installing companies have a maximum and minimum pricing system when it comes to the number of meters of the building. This means that if you only need a couple or so of meters of gutter installed then you wouldn’t be charged at the rate per meter of someone who wants say twenty meters of gutter installed, you would be charged a much lesser amount. Now if you require guttering installed for the entire perimeter of your home, then your quote would fall into the maximum side, here bulk isn’t better for consumers.

You should hire a company that doesn’t use this system so that the installation costs for your guttering doesn’t exceed your budget, one that has a standard rate per meter no matter how many meters you desire. The cost of installing a gutter varies depending on the type of gutter required and the number of downpipes used. If you choose a fair company, then naturally you will get a fair price.

What pushes up the price of a gutter installation