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Gutter repair prices
in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Save on gutter repair bill as we offer some of the best prices in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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Below are the prices for gutter repair for 2017

Please note below is only an estimate and further assement will have to be under taken for a final quotation. The below prices include material and labour.

Repair Type Price per meter
Gutter Repair R550
Downspout Repair R650

Repairing a rain gutter could be a quite a big task if one doesn’t know exactly what do to. Thankfully, however, like with all things in this world we have professionals to do these services for us. A gutter that requires maintenance can be seen by the drops of water falling from your roof ends or felt by the shower you receive when trying to dodge the waterfall flying off your gutters on a rainy day.

A leaking or blocked gutter can cause terrible water damage to your foundation, walls and roof. Not all homes have gutter screens to protect from these damaging effects and this can certainly drive up gutter repair costs. So, if you aren’t very keen on fixing all those aftermath problems of a damaged gutter, a gutter repair is what you would need.

When gutters aren’t maintained on a regular basis the downpipes are more likely to become blocked from the leaves and debris that decompose in the rain gutters and then fill up the downpipes after a succession of rainy days. The costs of repairing your gutters by us will add up to being considerably smaller than that of other companies trading these services.

What drives up the cost of gutter repair