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How to clean your gutters -
tips and tricks

Keep your gutters flowing all year long with our gutter cleaning tips and tricks.

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It is essential to keep gutters clean and well maintained if you are not to keen on a diy approach then hiring a gutter cleaning company is essential. This prevents water damage, rust damage, overflows, flooding and blocked gutters. It also stops the gutter from being weighed down by debris which can cause guttering to break or even sag.

How to clean your gutters: an overview.

There are several aspects of the gutter cleaning process that need to be borne in mind. These include:

What needs to be cleaned from your gutter?

All sorts of debris can accrue in your guttering, including:

And all of these need to be cleared away so that water can carry on flowing smoothly through the gutter.

How to clean a gutter
Gutter cleaning

The gutter cleaning process.

  1. Firstly, a ladder will be needed so that you can reach your gutter. Make sure to follow best practice in health and safety when it comes to using this ladder. Plant it firmly on a level piece of ground, do not use it in wet and slippery conditions and have another person holding the bottom of the ladder if possible.
  2. A trowel or scraper can be used to clear debris from the gutter. Wear protective gloves so that you do not run the risk of cutting your hands and exposing the cut to bacteria.
  3. When cleaning blockages from the vertical pipe of a gutter, a long thin brush can be used.
  4. Throw the debris you have collected into a suitable container. Do not just toss it into the drain as you will then likely be dealing with a blocked drain.
  5. Finally, flush the gutter through with water. If your gutter runs into a water butt, remove the water butt from the gutter so that any dislodged debris does not flow into the butt.
  6. If you plan on painting and weatherproofing your gutter, clean it thoroughly and then let it dry. In warm (but not too hot - as this can cause paint to blister) and dry conditions, sand away any residual rust, brush away and dirt and apply a coat of paint. Wait for this to dry before applying waterproof and weatherproof coatings. Often you will not need to apply two separate coatings, and many paints designed for outdoor use are weatherproof in and of themselves.

Hot tip: apply paint and coatings smoothly to your gutter and ensure that each section of guttering overlays the other in a smooth fashion. This will prevent there from being any bumps, steps up or corners in your guttering where debris can get trapped and start to build up. It will also make the guttering much easier to flush through with water.

Need a professional?

If you are unsure about any of the above aspects of gutter maintenance, it makes sense to hire a gutter cleaning service to do the job for you. They will get the job done safely at great prices and to the very highest of standards.