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How to repair your gutters -
tips and tricks

Professional gutter maintenance is crucial, fortunately, gutter repair is easy when you know how.

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Poorly repaired gutters, or gutters that are not repaired at all when they experience problems can lead to issues such as:

Reasons a gutter might need to be repaired.

The three key reasons why gutters might need to be repaired are holes in gutters (which can be cause by simple wear and tear or by an impact from something like a loose roof tile) or because the gutter has become clogged and overloaded. Thirdly, metal gutters can also become subject to rust. Gutters can be clogged most frequently by:

As gutters are essential for carrying rainwater and domestic water safely and rapidly away from your house and emptying it into the drain or water butt, it is so important to keep them in good shape. A monthly check is recommended for all gutters, to ensure that there are no problems with them. Catching problems with your gutters early eliminates further, bigger problems further down the line. What might start off as a small crack in a length of guttering can develop into a sizeable hole if it is left untreated.

man repairing a gutter
rusted gutters

Methods for fixing common gutter repair issues.

The most frequently encounter issues with gutters have already been listed above. Below, are some key methods for fixing them.

Unsure? Call in the professionals. Get in touch for proffesional gutter repair.

If you are unsure about how to proceed with a gutter repair project, or if the job is too arduous or time consuming for you to perform yourself, do not hesitate to call in a professional who will be able to sort the issue out for you in no time.